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It is not for nothing they say that the world is ruled by people who read. It is in fact the case. Yes, maybe they do not read romance novels or fantasy, but they read a lot of books profiling, be it psychology, political science, business books and other. No matter what kind of books you read, you are evolving. And if you believe in your character lacks firmness and perseverance, read books where the heroes reach their goals, no matter what. Books to stimulate actions and accomplishments. Admire works of heroes, you realize that nothing is worse, get up off the couch and prove to themselves that can deal. The more you do, the more you have time. If you can plan your day so that was 30 minutes reading a book, then a month later you can allocate for this activity more than an hour. Books organize human, harmonize it. Reading man always knows exactly what he wants and how to achieve it. It just reading a book can change a person so much that of a lazy couch potato, he will turn into an active athlete, a successful businessman, and so on. Books awaken the soul zest for life, the energy that fades with age.